DEVELOPMENT 2019 420 Class Development Programme

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2019 420 Class Development Programme

Building on the extensive development programme from past years, the International 420 Class Association is pleased to announce our programme of clinics, support programmes, knowledge toolkits, training centre certification and promotional activities.

... 420 Class will be heading to all Continents - Africa, North and South America, Asia, Europe, Oceania ...

"Our aim is to deliver an extensive development programme, which provides easy access to a 'toolkit' of training opportunities in the 420 Class," explained Jose Massapina, 420 Class Vice-President responsible for development. "Reflecting the worldwide spread of the 420 Class, our programmes reach out to every continent, with the aim of accelerating knowledge for newcomers and continuing to develop skills and expertise amongst established 420 sailing nations."

Coaches and Sailors Clinics - the 420 Class will continue to organize clinics for coaches and sailors across all five continents. The final 2019 programme is to be finalized, and is currently planned as:




  • Malaysia - dates/venue to be confirmed
  • Singapore - dates/venue to be confirmed
  • China - dates/venue to be confirmed
  • Chinese Taipei - 15-19 August 2019



420/470 Combined Event - Junior European Championship - the 420 Class will appoint a coach to follow racing on the water and run daily debriefs at the Junior European Championship.

Partnership with the Optimist Class - the 420 Class again headed to Fraglia de la Vela Riva, Lake Garda, Italy from 17-19 April 2019 for the iconic Easter Optimist Meeting. Attended by a significant number of Optimist sailors and parents from all over the world, the event was a great opportunity to introduce the 420 Class to future generations. A fully rigged 420 was on site and promotional information about the 420 distributed. Take a read of our report.

‘Have a Go’ for sailors at Optimist Worlds or Continentals - building on the established relationship with the International Optimist Class (IODA), the 420 Class will organize at least two similar promotional actions at Optimist Class Championships, with a fully rigged 420 at the venue and ‘have a go’ opportunities’ to sail the boat. First up will be the 2019 Optimist European Championship in Crozon Morgat, France from 22-29 June.

Free attendance at 420 Clinics for Optimist Coaches - every year, the 420 Class runs Coaches and Sailors clinics around the world, which are entirely free to participants. We will guarantee participation opportunities to Optimist coaches in order to share essential knowledge about the 420 Class and support Optimist coaches in introducing the 420 as the next stage in an Optimist sailor’s pathway.

420 Sailing Academies - the 420 Class already has launched its first 420 Sailing Academy in a joint venture with Companhia Náutica, a Portuguese company based in Vilamoura, southern Portugal. Click here for full information. As part of the 420 Class programme to provide easy and affordable access to 420 Class training opportunities around the world, the next 420 Sailing Academy will be established in Asia.

Certification of Sailing Academies - the 420 Class will establish a worldwide standard for the provision of 420 Class training facilities, to ensure that 420 sailors and teams can partner with proven and professional providers. The 420 Class has created minimum standard guidelines, and will inspect training centres prior to certification.

World Sailing Emerging Nations Programme - the 420 Class will continue to support the funding of an expert 420 Class coach at the Youth Sailing World Championship from 13-20 July in Gdynia, Poland. Dedicated to supporting sailors on the WS Emerging Nations Programme, the coach will provide daily support to teams, as well as daily debriefs to help accelerate knowledge and skills.

World Sailing Development Symposium - once again the 420 Class will have a presence at the World Sailing Development Symposium in 2019 being held at Lake Balaton, Hungary. Final dates are to be announced.

420 Class Emerging Nations Programme - enabling the connection between participating in a 420 Clinic and competing at the Youth Sailing World Championship, the 420 Class will help around 2-3 nations each year to send teams to the Championship, with the support of a dedicated coach (as per point 8). The 420 Class will also be launching an ‘Emerging Nations Foundation’.

420 Promotional Video - the 420 Class will launch a new video in early 2019, highlighting the benefits of sailing and racing a 420 Class and showcasing its role as the perfect pathway class to Olympic sailing and beyond. The video will be available for all to use at events, conferences, presentations, website and social media;

420 Tuning Video - to help accelerate knowledge acquisition, core skills and racing performance amongst newcomers to the 420 Class, a ‘how to’ video on rigging and tuning techniques will be launched in 2019. The video is being produced in partnership with 420 sail makers, spar, foil and boat builders to showcase different equipment and the use of different combinations of equipment brands.

420 Euro Circuit - in partnership with the European Sailing Federation (EUROSAF) the 420 Class has created a European Circuit of 420 Events.

Promotional Material - a range of promotional items will be available to help showcase and promote the 420 Class:

  • Stickers  
  • Neck Puffs (various colors)
  • Pins
  • Caps and Visors
  • Various gadgets

For many years, the 420 Class has taken significant steps to deliver toolkits to give 420 sailors and coaches the skills they need to get out on the water and improve their sailing. We are committed to enabling self-sufficiency and providing easy access to training information. Our latest project is the 420 CLASS TUNING GUIDE. Aimed at newcomers to the 420, this free online video will accelerate learning providing all you need to know about rigging your 420 and tuning on the water. Coming soon …. watch this space

In the meantime, check out our 420 TO THE MAX video, introducing a range of specific techniques and demonstration of how to master them in different wind and sea conditions. Available in English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese, 420 TO THE MAX has racked up in excess of 360,000 views on YouTube alone.

Don't miss our 420 EXERCISE E-BOOK which showcases world class training techniques and strategies on Performance Improvement for Coaches and Sailors. The online e-book introduces a selection of carefully chosen exercises, with accompanying video and commentary, to provide a step by step path towards skills improvement.

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