DEVELOPMENT 2017 420 Class Clinics

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2017 420 Class Clinics

The International 420 Class has a comprehensive programme of Coaches and Sailors Clinics planned in 2017, covering North America, Caribbean, Europe and Asia, as well as promotionia events at the Optimist Meeting in Riva del Garda and Optimist World Championships in Thailand.

The Class Development plan for 2017 includes the running of 420 Coaches and Sailors clinics in 8 countries around the world. The Clinics will be led by well-known and experienced 420 coaches who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise, and are planned in the following locations (click on each venue to find out more):

  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - 5-9 March 2017
  • Port Bourgas, Bulgaria - 21-25 April 2017
  • Bombay, India - 19-23 May 2017
  • Kingston, Canada - 9-13 August 2017
  • Cerna v Posumavi, Czech Republic - 25-29 September 2017
  • Bahamas - dates and venue to be confirmed
  • China - dates and venue to be confirmed 
  • Hong Kong - dates and venue to be confirmed

The International 420 Class will also be present for two days, 14-15 April, during the Easter Optimist meeting which takes place in Riva Del Garda from 12-16 April, and the Optimist World Championships in Pattaya, Thailand, 11-21 July to share the 420 experience and give young Optimist sailors the opportunity to try 420 sailing.