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Apr 2019

World Sailing hosted this year's Development Symposium at Balatonfüred, Hungary from 1-3 April and disscussed a range of topics including participation vs performance sailing, funding and connecting people with sailing, and preparing to race.

Jose Massapina, Vice-President of the International 420 Class responsible for development, attended in order to hear the latest thinking from the World Sailing experts and share information about the value the 420 Class brings to youth sailing around the world.

For many years, the 420 Class has taken significant steps to deliver toolkits to give 420 sailors and coaches the skills they need to get out on the water and improve their sailing. As Massapina explained to delegates, "The 420 Class is committed to enabling self-sufficiency and providing easy access to training information."

Massapina then presented the 420 TO THE MAX video, introducing a range of specific techniques and demonstration of how to master them in different wind and sea conditions. Available in English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese, 420 TO THE MAX has racked up in excess of 360,000 views on YouTube alone.

Next up, Massapina presented the 420 EXERCISE E-BOOK which showcases world class training techniques and strategies on Performance Improvement for Coaches and Sailors. The online e-book introduces a selection of carefully chosen exercises, with accompanying video and commentary, to provide a step by step path towards skills improvement.

The latest 420 Class project is the 420 CLASS TUNING GUIDE. Aimed at newcomers to the 420, this free online video will accelerate learning providing all you need to know about rigging your 420 and tuning on the water. Coming soon …. watch this space

Delegates attended from: Austria, Great Britain, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey and Taiwan.

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About the Development Symposium

The first Development Symposium was held in Ireland in 2012. The event was presented as a forum where all Member National Authorities (MNAs) could present and discuss areas of Training and Development and have an input into the overall strategy of World Sailing. Over the years, the Development Symposium has become much, much more. The last four events in the USA, Singapore, Argentina and New Zealand saw the structure of the event broaden into an interactive workshop, oriented around Learning, Sharing Networking and Planning, where by invited speakers and delegates themselves had far more opportunity to shape the program to suit their individual needs.

International delegates at this important event receive presentations from a number of Experts in a variety of sport specific disciplines as well as taking part in break-away sessions where they are encouraged to interact with other delegates, often from other Nations. The Development Symposium directly compliments the work of the Development and Regions Committee, with the report from each event helping World Sailing to gather valuable information on how its work can continue to develop, giving those delegates present from New or Emerging Nations, a much needed chance to have their voices heard.

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