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420 to the max on Youtube

Feb 2013

In mid-2011, the International 420 Class Association launched a free online Training Video to provide coaching and training tips for both the beginner and experienced 420 sailors. Sailors are always looking for ways to improve their sailing techniques, improve manoeuvres and get the most out of the time spent on the water and this online resource is set to provide a significant step towards this objective.

420 to the Max has proved a real success story and since being published to YouTube in November 2011, has reaching out to support 420 sailors all over the world.and achieved over 80,000 views across the four language options.

The videos are available in English, Spanish, French and German:
This is the first specific training video produced by the International 420 Class Association and introduces a range of specific techniques, and demonstrates how to master them in different wind and sea conditions and what to consider when undertaking a range of manoeuvres.

Animated graphic overlays demonstrate specific points to consider in completing manoeuvres, accompanied by an excellent voice over. Designed to help sailors improve their skills and sail their boats better, the video provides a free and excellent resource for 420 sailors around the world. Coaches can also benefit from the video and look at new approaches to training and coaching.

Developed by the International 420 Class Association in partnership with Nick Drougas and Icarus – the training video is broken down into easily digestible sections, which you can view as separate video clips. The video focuses on:

  • Preparation and General Skills
  • Lightwinds
  • Medium Winds
  • Strong Winds
English French
Spanish German

José Massapina, 420 Class Vice-President responsible for the 420 Development Programme commented, “Training and improving techniques can be challenging and this instructional video is a bit like having your own personal video coach to help you get faster and talk you through skills and tactics.” Recognizing the input from the partners involved, Massapina added, “We are delighted to have produced the video which has been a major project for the class and I am confident it will benefit many young sailors around the world. Our thanks to Nick Drougas, the Greek sailors sailing and demonstrating the techniques and Icarus who have produced the video.”

Special thanks to the sailors George Vasilas and Akylas Drougkas for their offer to take part in the project. Vasilas was 420 Junior European Champion in 2003 and Drougas was 420 Junior European Champion in 2008 and second at the 2008 420 Junior Worlds

If ISAF MNAs or 420 National Class Associations would like a translation of the video into any other languages please contact José Massapina on:

Coming up next and due for publication in the Summer is the 420 i-Exercise Book - an interactive book which will showcase specific exercises, with text, video and graphic examples to really showcase the techniques of 420 sailing.

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