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Sep 2016

Tonight, for one night only, the great 420 reunion …. Enjoy this read from a very special reunion organized by the British 420 Class Association.

"It must have been around January this year when messages started gently flying around Facebook suggesting the possibility of a 420 reunion for later in the year. But actually, there had been talk of such a thing for a year or two before that but no progress had ever been made. Linda Ingram, stalwart of the class ‘back in the day’, and affectionately known as ‘mum’ to the youth squads of the same era set the wheels in motion to finally make it happen. The date was set for Saturday 3rd September and names were slowly added to the list. In time, the venue was confirmed as Warsash Sailing Club, the scene of one of the more memorable & boisterous open meetings in around 1981 when the class shared the billing with the Hornet Class. Surely Warsash wouldn’t let the 420’s back after that little soiree? However, that was more than 30 years ago, time has moved on and nobody at the club either cared or remembered the gory detail. The banter on Facebook however was enough to give Linda a few nervous moments though."

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