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04 Jul 2021

Report of 2021 420 General Assembly Meeting

The 2021 General Assembly Meeting of the International 420 Class Association took place on 3 July 2021 in Sanremo, Italy, during the 2021 420 World Championship. The meeting started at 17.40 local time and was attended by representatives from 17 nations.

All reports including the financial report, the development plan and the technical report were accepted by unanimous vote.

Proposals from the Executive Committee were approved are as follows:

  • General Amendments to the Class Rules as proposed by the Technical Committee.
  • Use of personal flotation devices when afloat.
  • Use of Spinnaker numbers at National events.

Proposal rejected was as follows:

  • Spinnaker pole materials.

Proposals for hosting 420 World and Continental Championships

The members present voted to accept the presented bids as follows:

  • 2022 420 World Championships: Lake Balaton (HUN)
  • 2022 420 & 470 Junior Europeans: Vilamoura (POR)
  • 2023 420 World Championships: Urla (TUR)

The dates of these events will be agreed and advertised in due course by the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee elected unanimously as follows:

  • President: Jose Massapina (Portugal)
  • Vice President: Dimitris Dimou (Greece)
  • Secretary: Fulvia Ercoli (Italy)
  • Treasurer: Jackie Taylor (Great Britain)
  • Chairman of the Technical Committee: Alex Finsterbusch (Argentina)

Technical Committee elected unanimously as follows:

  • Jurgen Cluytmans (Belgium)
  • Dimitris Dimou (Greece)
  • Bohdan Goralski (Poland)
  • Teresa Rios (Spain)

Auditor for the current financial year elected:

  • Michael Rudnick (USA)

The General Assembly and the members of the Executive Committee thanked Nino Shmueli, the outgoing President, for his hard work and dedication to the 420 Class over the last 20 years. Nino leaves the Class in a strong position and in a good financial situation.

Welcome to the New President, the former VP: Jose Massapina. He will take the lead going forward and the other members of the Executive Committee look forward to working with him to continue to build the future success of the 420 Class.

AGM closed at 19.30 local time.

All supporting papers you can find them on links below.

If you have any enquries please send them to


2020-2021 Development report(203Kb)

04 Jul 2021

2022 Development plan(337Kb)

04 Jul 2021

2021 Technical Committee report(194Kb)

04 Jul 2021

2020 Finance report(14Kb)

04 Jul 2021

2020 Accounts(315Kb)

04 Jul 2021


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