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Over 200,000 Views of 420 TO THE MAX

Oct 2014

The 420 training video, 420 to the Max, has amassed an astounding number of more than 200,000 views across the five different language versions – English, Germany, Japanese, Spanish and French.

Views so far are:
English version – 180,946 views
German version – 6,968 views
Japanese version – 4,942 views
Spanish version – 4,918 views
French version – 4,809

The free online 420 Training Video provides coaching and training tips for both the beginner and experienced 420 sailors and can be viewed and downloaded via YouTube.

Sailors are always looking for ways to improve their sailing techniques, improve manoeuvres and get the most out of the time spent on the water and this online resource  provides a significant step towards this objective.

Animated graphic overlays demonstrate specific points to consider in completing manoeuvres, accompanied by an excellent voice over. Designed to help sailors improve their skills and sail their boats better, the video provides a free and excellent resource for 420 sailors around the world. Coaches can also benefit from the video and look at new approaches to training and coaching.

Building on this unique training resource, the International 420 Class Association will soon be launching a 420 E-Book – an online exercise book targeted at training and coaching techniques, with step by step instructions, training equipment required and guidance on how to evaluate performance.

Scheduled to go live in November 2014, the 420 E-Book will utilize technology to provide an innovative online training platform, combining instructional videos, coach notes and training techniques. Take a sneak preview at the promotional video

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