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Important Notice regarding Digital Sail Numbers

Dec 2015

Issued by: 420 Technial Committee - 21 December 2015

According to RRS G.1.2 (a), the recently released ISAF Q&A L007, and as presented during the 2015 International 420 Class Annual General Meeting, sail numbers of the square computer-8 style format (as in the photo above) do not meet the RRS Appendix G requirements for legibility. For the 2016 420 World Champinships and 2016 420 Junior European Championships, sails with this style of numbers will not be accepted if certified after 1 February 2016. Older sails with these numbers will be grandfathered for the 2016 Championships.

Please DO NOT use this kind of numbers in your new sails from now on!

If you have any queries, please email the 420 Technical Committee.