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Sep 2017

NEWBLUE.EU celebrated yet more success this Summer, racking up another podium finish by a team in a NEWBLUE.EU supplied charter boat at the 2017 420 European Championships, Athens, Greece, 22-30 July 2017.

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2017 420 Open European Championships
Charter Boats are a cost effective and winning option

Proving the “pay and play” approach of turning up to a Championship to receive your ready to race charter boat is not a barrier to success, Israel’s Tal Shariti Sade/Noam Homri picked up the bronze medal at the 2017 420 Open European Championships. The young talent scored 7 of the 12 race series inside the top 10, including one race win, to show that consistency, not always winning races, separates the podium teams from the rest.

With the Israeli’s claiming bronze, silver went to Italy’s Edoardo Ferraro/Francesco Orlando and gold to the home nation Greece and Telis Athanasopoulos Yogo/Dimitris Tassios.

Lukas Formella, CEO of NEWBLUE.EU commented, “Our charter service has proven itself to be reliable and cost effective for teams in the 420 Class, as well as the Optimist and 470 Classes. We do the hard work, delivering high quality 420s to the venue, ensuring they are equipped and ready to race. Teams just need to bring their own sails and we do the rest. At the end of the Championship, our team is on site to receive the boats back and ship them onto the next venue, including a refurbishment ahead of their next charter.

“Not only does our charter service give teams the opportunity to compete at events where costs to ship their own boats may be prohibitive, but we also sell on the boats after events at discounted rates. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

The team at NEWBLUE.EU have many years of personal experience on the international racing circuit and understand the demands of racing teams. NEWBLUE.EU also provided charter boats for the 2017 420 Junior Europeans in Italy and is providing boats for the upcoming 2017 420 World Championships and preceding Australian National Championships in Fremantle, Australia, a total of 33 charter boats across this year’s three Championships.

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NEWBLUE.EU is a sponsoring partner of the International 420 Class Association.