News 420s visit the Feva Worlds in Follonica, Italy

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05 Aug 2023

420s visit the Feva Worlds in Follonica, Italy

With the help of Uniqua Italia, the 420 Class took the opportunity to showcase the 420 during the RS Feva World Championship at Gruppo Vela Lega Navale Italiana Follonica last week. The goal was to attract young sailors and generate interest in the 420 Class, highlighting its features and benefits as a competitive sailing boat.

The promotion was carried out through a combination of an on-land display and on-water activities. The boat was displayed on land to attract attention and generate curiosity among participants and spectators during the RS Feva World Championship. Once the sailors interest was grabbed, the team facilitated sailing experiences on the water to give potential sailors a firsthand experience of the 420 Class.

Unfortunately, the promotional days were met with windy conditions, limiting the on-water activities but despite these challenges, the team managed to attract the interest of many young sailors, and they received positive feedback about the 420 Class.

The promotional efforts were made possible with the support of dedicated individuals and organizations. Our thanks go to

  • Andrea Dall'Ora's VSR coachboat which served as the support vessel and assisted in managing the on-water part of the promotion.
  • Irene Chimenti and his crew Davide Salvatici who provided the 420 contributing to the success of the event.
  • North Sails, represented by Riccardo De Felice, kindly supplied the sails pairing the 420 with a strong and well known sailing brand.
  • Alberto Tezza, Stefania Padoan, and their team took charge of the in-water management and active promotion. With their expertise as former 420 sailors and coaches, they were able to effectively communicate with potential sailors in Italian, English, French, German, and Spanish.

We look forward to future similar activities being carried out to promote the 420 Class around the world.