News Wednesday: second races for Gold Fleets


05 Aug 2009

Wednesday: second races for Gold Fleets

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2009 420 World Championships

Ladies' Gold - Race 6 - clear start (09.18), 16 knots.
Ladies R7 FRoundings (Outer Mk4): 53277, BRA51822, ITA53884, IRL52576, 53591.
Ladies R7 Finishers: ITA53884, USA53627, BRA51822, NZL52576, AUS52969.

Gpld Worlds R8 Start: BFD: GER53735, GBR53872, GBR53116m, POR52910, IRL53110, CRO53127, FRA52535, ESP53231
Gold Worlds R8 Finishers: GBR52759, USA51518, FRA535?2, FRA53174, GRE53161

10.21 Ladies R7 start with black flag, but no BFD
Roundings: BRA51822, USA53627, AUS52969, SWE52128, ITA53298.
Finishers: AUS52969, BRA51822, USA53627, ITA53298, SWE52128

Worlds R9 start: BFD: ITA53585, ESP53847, ITA53636
Mark Roundings: 53655, 53838, 52550
Finishers: ITA53838, USA53655, GBR52759, GBR53116, NZL52550