News Tuesday: Ladies' Finals Race 4


05 Aug 2009

Tuesday: Ladies' Finals Race 4

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2009 420 World Championships
Gold Star (R4): Two BFD: GBR53591,ITA53647. 19 knots. Silver Start: Three OCS< NED51662, POL53694, FRA53691 No Oscar (corrected to OCS by Race Officer) Gold Mrk Roundings: 53647, USA53714, POR53472, ITA534705, FRA53697. Silver: GBR51883, GBR52279, ITA53260, POR51990, USA53337 Gold Finishers: 53647, POR53472, 53745, USA53714, FRA53697 Silver Finishers: GBR53379, USA53337, POR51990, GBR51883, FRA53697 Ap over 0 - no more a cing today...bfn (bye for now! ciao)