News Tuesday: Ladies Worlds: Finals Race 3


05 Aug 2009

Tuesday: Ladies Worlds: Finals Race 3

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2009 420 World Championships

It started - Gold Fleet -(about 15,45), 10 kn (black flag flying; regular start); Silver fleet start about 16.55 - Clear, no OCSm 9 knots

Gold 1st rounnding (outer loop mark 3): ITA58882, ITA53024, POR53472, ITA53711, ESP53599.
Silver inner loop Mark4: GBR51883, POL53604,JPN52258, USA53438, THA534048

Gold Race 3: ITA53662m POR53472m ITA53024, ITA53711, ? 53151.
Silber R3 Finishers: GBR51883, POL53604,JPN52258, ITA53260 (only 4 available, RO busy with 4th start),