News Friday news from a cloudy Garda


Friday news from a cloudy Garda

Aug 2009
Today, we have some cloud.
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2009 420 World Championships

Today, we have some cloud. If you read our report "Measured, Registered, Practiced...." (see earlier news item), you will have understood the implications for the wind today. PRO Ion Echave briefed the Coaches at 10.00 am (the Italian Team Leader had also called an Italian helm's meeting at the same tiime, so there was a BIG turnout for today's briefing!) and explained the implications of the cloud.

Without strong sun, the thermal wind, the "Ora" will be less certain. "We will need to wait and watch. We will not want to "chase the wind" and move marks on each course area because of the time it would take to move marks in the very deep waters. An option may be possible that the North wind will be strong enough at the northern end of the lake to set a course, when it would be necessary to bring both fleets there for a race. 'It will be a "tricky" day', said Nino Shmueli. Meanwhile, AP/1 means the earliest racing can start will be 13.00.

For now, there are many sailor meetings, use of the WiFi, general chilling and much conversation around Fraglia Vela Riva.....Wish you were here!