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Jul 2013
Jul 2013
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Real Club Nautico Valencia

2013 420 General Assembly Meeting

The 2013 420 General Assembly will take place on Saturday 27 July 2013, during the 2013 420 World Championships at the Real Club Nautico Valencia in Spain. The meeting is scheduled to start at 1700 hours. Information on the meeting, The Agenda was circulated to 420 National Class Association on 27 May 2013.

Bids for the 2015 420 Championships will also be considered at the 2013 420 General Assembly. Bids should be received to the International 420 Class Association by 1 July 2013 and should comply with the 420 Championship Guidelines.

How to Bid

A club which wishes to host an International 420 Championship should contact the International 420 Class Association through his National 420 Class Association or MNA if no such NCA exists. The club will then contact the President of the International 420 Class Association, who will discuss opportunities to organise class championships that are not yet granted.

Application to host an event should be made to the EC, in writing, by 1 July two years before the event. For details of this application see Appendix A of the 420 Championship Guidelines.

A National 420 Class Association must have the agreement of their National Authority before applying for an international event, and must be a member of the International 420 Class Association. A host nation must have read, agreed and signed to be bound by the guidelines, and guarantee that they can fulfil the requirements, before being accepted.

Other Info ...
• 2013 420 World and Ladies World Championships
• 420 General Assembly Minutes archive


General Assembly Agenda(114Kb)

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